New Address

Here's The MFP's new address:

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*Not* Top Chef 2

The next chef-isode has been posted.  Come check it out:

*Not* Top Chef

I have a new post at  It's about my new adventure with Top Chef.  Come over and check it out!

Things I've Noticed

I've noticed that some of you haven't followed me over to my new blog yet.  I'm sure you'd hate to miss a post, so come on over!  The Mother Freakin' Princess


I'm in the process of moving my blog.  Check it out here:  The Mother Freakin' Princess

O' Christmas Tree

I have a huge crush on the the Charlie Brown Christmas tree:

Each year while other families search for the biggest, widest, greenest, most proportioned tree...I search for the cutest, most-in-need-of-love, and obviously-not-quite-right-tree .  My family is *not* completely amused by my search for the perfect Charlie Brown Christmas tree and we usually settle for a compromise of a small, but lovely tree.

Here's this year's tree:

(It's small, totally cute, and perfectly proportioned.) 

*And if you take a closer look you can see that we either embrace very modern Christmas decorations or obviously I have boys:

Nothing speaks Charlie Brown Christmas Tree like a Nerf dart?

Damn Facebook Games

Last week I started playing Ravenwood Fair on Facebook.  It was weird for me because I'd already played Cafe World, started a small farm on Farmville, and dug for treasure on Treasure Isle.  I even did the whole Mafia Wars and Hotel City thing...but that was a looong time ago.  And I had figured out pretty early on that logging onto those games and going "click-click-click" and asking for energy packs was a complete waste of my time - and boring...just sayin'.

So why the renewed interest in a completely moronic game? (By moronic I mean unthinking and unchallenging - not that people who play the games are morons - because then I would be calling myself a moron...) 

It was because by playing Ravenwood Fair I was feeling successful.  It was something I could *actually* do.  I could "click-click-click" and chop down a bunch of trees.  I could wack a Domovio, collect tree sap, construct food carts, and build games for my fair visitors.  I watched my 'fun meter' rise and got an increase in visitors.  And maybe...eventually...if I worked hard enough at my fair...there would be a wedding!  (Unless I was away from my fair too long, then my fair would be over grown with Dark Roots and I'd have to spend most of my valuable energy digging them out.)

Every where else in my life where I was feeling unsucsessful was being numbed by this damn Facebook game.  I quit today.  I let it go.  Ravenswood Fair ended up like all the other Facebook games I've played - on the blocked list. 

I guess I'll spend those few extra moments being a more successful me and doing something productive like working on my new blog layout, cooking, or playing Rock Band. 

*Oh, when I said "ended up like all the other Facebook games I've played - on the block list", that didn't include Scrabble.  If you want to play Facebook Scrabble with me, I'm all game!